About Brand

POUSTOVIT is a European brand of women’s wear, based in Ukraine, which has found it’s relevance in infinity of everyday sophistication.
In brand’s aesthetics courage borders with a sense of proportion.
Dresses, sensuality, prints, positivity and confidence are reality of POUSTOVIT.

Brand Philosophy

Modern everyday lifestyle shaped into core product of the brand – dress, with a fusion of contemporary and ethnic details. The atmosphere of effortless style gives a feeling of comfortable edginess and youthful elegance, which are the strong points of POUSTOVIT.


The special architecture, customised PRINTS, folds and draperies, simple shapes and unusual details, unexpected design solutions are in every collection.


Iconic piece of every collection is a SHIRT-DRESS. It is a balance of female sensuality and male power, innovation and comfort, as it is shown in elegant suits and simple sundresses.

Woman Poustovit

Poustovit woman has a harmonious, strong but feminine personality; she’s multitasking, living on the edge of social activity and family values. She likes to win every moment, no matter how comfortable or polish her look is.
She’s romantic, but not too much, she’s sexy but not aggressive. She is always on the move, so clothes she chooses, should complement her personality and give a sense of completeness.