was founded by Liliia Poustovit in 1998 and is based in Kyiv.

The brand's key design approach lies between celebrating life spirit, the world travels influence and sacred elements of Ukrainian national heritage reworked in a new way. POUSTOVIT's vision of modern luxury is largely shaped by refined and relaxed silhouettes combined with vivid colors and distinctive details. Timeless dresses which can be adapted to every occasion of the day, both in the city and during vacation, are central to each collection.

The designer pays attention to deep-rooted Ukrainian motives as she is confident that the powerful bright past gives us the strength and imagination to move into the future. While focusing on the rich national culture, Liliia Poustovit goes through delicate work with ethical symbols and codes to create brand new reimagined pieces.

The idea of traveling around the world and exploring its endless beauty and authenticity enriches the Poustovit aesthetics as well. Vibrant hues and their mix used in collections keep thinking of far exotic countries, the people of these countries, the craftsmanship traditions and arts.

Unique digital prints are another core element of POUSTOVIT identity. Getting inspiration and collaborating with talented Ukrainian artists, Liliia Poustovit provides an unexpected perspective on artistic patterns placed on garments. The most special and signature one is the "chestnut" print inspired by the symbol of Kyiv, the city's beauty and history.