A brand of women's clothing, inspired by travels and cultures of the countries of the world, combined with the sacred elements of the heritage of the Ukrainian people.
POUSTOVIT brand is much more than just clothes, it's about lifestyle, carefree enjoyment of life.

POUSTOVIT was founded by Liliia Poustovit in 1998 and based in Kyiv. The first years of Liliia's work in Paris influenced her perception of the world and she brought the spirit of enjoyment of life, inherent to the French, to the brand, combining it with Ukrainian codes, ethno-motives, which are clearly expressed in the author's prints. The key part of the brand's collections is the dress, and the shirt-dress has become a cult element. It is the quintessence of modern femininity.

Woman POUSTOVIT chooses confidence, conciseness and sophistication. She combines the features of a powerful woman with sensuality and elegance. Her philosophy of life is a conscious striving for lightness and a comfortable attitude to herself and to conventions. She is romantic, sensual, at the same time organized and driven to her goals. She values every moment of life. She is interested in art, music, and in general, creativity is an important aspect of her life.

Thanks to the versatility of Liliia's activities since childhood, she perfectly feels the needs of a modern woman to look refined in various situations. you can take a journey In a POUSTOVIT dress through the day: from office meetings to a cocktail party or theater.

Liliia skillfully stylizes her collections, both with chunky boots and elegant heels, showing the versatility of looks. POUSTOVIT collections combine dresses with an author's prints and laconic models with original cut.
Liliia Poustovit draws inspiration from the works of Ukrainian artists such as Alexandra Exter, Tatiana Yablonska, and also creates prints in collaboration with contemporary graphic artists, for example, Pavel Makov. Liliia also created the brand's symbolic print “chestnuts”, thus singing an ode to Kyiv, the city where the designer lives and works.