Street Style Campaign Of POUSTOVIT FW16

In promotional campaign of FW16-17 collection the POUSTOVIT brand used photos by Adam Katz Sinding, a streetstyle photographer, an author of Le21emeblog, a contributor of W-magazine. During Paris Fashion Week and Ukrainian Fashion Week, Adam made street photographs for his blog of it-girls: Julie Pelipas, Valya Gryshchenko and a star of new generation Sofia Yevdokymenko, dressed in POUSTOVIT clothes. These photographs became a POUSTOVIT promo campaign of FW16-17.

Julie Pelipas

“Sofia Yevdokymenko has beautiful face. I like the way sunlight falls on her.  This photo gives the feel of wind. Green jacket looks good on Valya and the grey wall background with bricks highlights it. Julie Pelipas is my favorite model. I have got a sight ofher long ago and now I always make her photographs for my blog. She is still my number one for photo shooting between catwalk shows. The way she walking, her incredible body proportions  help to make the best shots.” – said Adam Katz Sinding.

Sofia Evdokimenko

An idea to make street style photo shooting for promotional campaign is not new. But the POUSTOVIT team used this idea in another way; they got already-done pictures buying usage right. This simple and absolutely new approach to the promotional campaign creation is a result of searching for images and meanings to reflect the POUSTOVIT character. Heroines of photographs are not posing to the camera, they live their own life. Wearing the brand clothes in their own comfortable  way they don’t imitate the catwalk look: Julia competes the look with black roll-neck sweater and sunglasses, Valya – with favorite backpack, Sonya wears dress as a blouse and drapes her coat over her shoulders. They look casual and natural in real time.

Valya Gryshchenko

“There spontaneous pictures reflect the essence of POUSTOVIT collection. Not to seem but to be.” – said Liliya Poustovit.