For this time POUSTOVIT band decided to focus not just only on collection’s style and history, but also wanted to show a global message in it.
Sportswear with turtleneck in combination with chiffon dresses are making the right urban and spring mood, tracksuits with bold and abstrackt prints are seen as a perfect uniform for day and night outs, emphasizing the active lifestyle of a POUSTOVIT girl.

“The industrialization and pollution are our reality and common responsibility. You can’t escape into the world of romantic illusions – says designer Lilia Pustovit – The collection consists of light bold dresses, quite sports, active and marine details. Comparing industrial jungle backgrounds, the atmosphere of Future with all these items, the full picture looks like from a category “it’s too much” and even heterogenous.
POUSTOVIT brand made it’s tradition to invite young talents for collaboration. At this time SAVKA Design, who made the series of UFW backstage illustration of SS’17, became the author of the video teaser.
“All I want is to show how POUSTOVIT dresses can be a perfect for any girl of our generation,” – says illustrator.

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