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";s:4:"text";s:4598:"In rugby, you can just keep driving it and driving it- play dirty if you want. And how much do the pads really affect this? A point-by-point breakdown of why rugby is so much tougher than American football. Why do football players get more than rugby ... need to hit people and get hit the entire time. ... it hurts much more to get hit by players wearing pads than ... Pads lead players to hit harder. ... Football or Rugby: Whose Players are Tougher? Well, here's the facts. It's useless. You run for 5 yards, get the whistle blown, stand around for a while, start playing again, maybe kick it, and then repeat. Rugby players The warm ups and conditioning hockey players have to do is quite tiring. People from Europe, South Africa and Australia dont understand that with a helmet and pads, you hit much harder than without a helmet and pads. American football vs. rugby: Which is tougher ... From the perspective of a former competitive rugby player ... Ive dated both American football and rugby players. [Archive] fewere injuries in rugby vs. American football? The 15 hardest sports to play. American Football players would crush Rugby players. Answers.com WikiAnswers Categories Sports Rugby Who hits harder football or rugby? Rugby is tougher than football rugby is more dangerous than foot ball. Not to even mention the amount of times a player goes to the ground and other mauling and falling on top of each other. Football players are much faster, stronger and bigger than Rugby players. The Redditor also points to a 2008 study showing lower rates of injury in college rugby than college football. American Football hits harder than rugby . ... Average hit impact: 1600lbs. NHL-NFL: A Discussion on Toughness ... much, much harder than sod. - Duration: If the ref doesn't see it, it's not illegal. More than 4,000 players have brought cases against the NFL. The international bodys venality is beyond satire, and how footballs local administrators have tolerated Sepp Blatters reign over the game is beyond comprehension. Could football players last 80 minutes in a rugby match? What would you like to do? General Questions You have to admit that the pads of American Football foster an environment of hrd hitting since they feel the effects of the hit less. As concussions have become the story du jour in sports, rugby players across the U.S. have uttered a collective "no kidding" that football needs a little help. True. American Football vs Rugby comparison. American Football is much more exciting than Rugby. People who play football have developed a higher tolerance to pain. Those stats don't stand out in a league where more than 500 players weighed 300-plus ... Few things can match the g-load of a wicked football hit. American football players hit harder than Rugby players. By Kivam, December 2, 2009 in Debates and Discussions. Recommended Posts. Do you think american football players are tougher than ... (and gets hit) harder. Football players hit harder than rugby players. ... in football. ... seem equipped for greater impact than rugby players. ... seem equipped for greater impact than rugby players. sports science rugby vs american football. Football- you stop every 5 seconds so you don't get a chance to do anything. A rugby player friend of mine says one reason for the serious injuries in American football is pads and helmets. Is rugby or American football more dangerous? Who hits harder, rugby players or football ... Rugby players compare the sport to football. Is rugby or American football more dangerous? ... but Leagies have more power and are faster and hit harder ? Are NFL Football Hits Getting Harder ... football players have gotten much bigger and faster. Players and their families have complained that the National Football League (NFL) has turned a blind eye to the dangers involved in the sport, especially those that come from repeated concussions and head injuries. ... Look at these American football pads. Rugby players get hit four times more then american football, which is an average of 16 times in a game. World Rugby isnt an organization that shelters orphans or cures affliction, but next to FIFA it looks like the Red Cross. Which is a tougher sport, rugby or American football? Despite being billed as a brutal sport for knuckle-draggers with a high pain threshold, rugby has actually been designed to be safer for the head than football. How much harder are hits in the NFL vs Rugby? ... WORLD'S FASTEST RUGBY PLAYER - UNBELIEVABLE SPEED!!! Gridiron players Who have more ... in rugby like you do in football. Yes they do ";s:7:"keyword";s:49:"do football players hit harder than rugby players";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}